Florida Paints

Made in Florida, For Florida.

Manufactured and tested in Florida, every Florida Paint product is specifically developed to outperform the competition in the South’s intense, unforgiving subtropical climate.

​In 2012, our lab team developed a new generation of Florida-formulated paints using the latest resin and pigment technologies. We’re proud to say we continue making our products better and better every day. In fact, our exterior paints and coatings resist wind-driven rain, mildew and fading much longer than national brands. And our interior paint products provide outstanding washability, gloss retention and long-lasting beauty.

We strive to offer the broadest line of superior products for the right situation when you need it. A new day is dawning in Florida, and the forecast is Florida Paints with a 100 percent chance of customer satisfaction.

Craftsmanship in a Can

Florida became the central focus of our brand new formulas – or as we like to call them, our Flor-mulas. We utilized the latest in pigment and resin technologies with the goal of developing a product line that is truly unique.

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