(PGT WinGuard)

Next Level Impact Resistant Windows and Doors: PGT ® WinGuard®.

There are windows and doors. Then there’s next level impact windows and doors. Introducing PGT ® WinGuard® impact resistant products.

Next Level Impact Protection

Protect your family from tough conditions like storms and hurricanes. WinGuard® can withstand repeated impact from a 9-lb. 2’ x 4’ beam traveling at 50 feet per second, followed by hurricane-force winds. Even if the glass is damaged, it remains securely in its frame, keeping debris outside your home.

PGT’s Effortless Protection™ has made WinGuard® the #1 brand for impact-resistant windows and doors in America.

Next Level Security

Keep the unwanted out and your family safer with windows and doors that are constructed for strength.

Next Level Sound Reduction

Turn down the noise on everyday elements like cars, lawn mowers, wind, storms, and more. With WinGuard®, outside interferences can by reduced by up to 65%.*

“The wind gusts [during Hurricane Irma] reached 100mph, trees were bent 45 degrees, and we didn’t hear a thing. It was like we were watching a thunderstorm on TV, and the TV was on mute,” said homeowner, D. Ogden.

Next Level Savings

Did you know the average American spends up to $2,500 a year on energy bills, and 45% of that cost is due to heating and cooling?** PGT’s energy efficient products can lower your energy bills significantly. Plus, your home insurance premium may be reduced while the overall value of your home increases.

*Sound reduction percentage is based upon the WinGuard Aluminum Picture Window’s (PW7720A) OITC rating compared to a single-pane window with an OITC rating of 19. Actual results may vary. **National Fenestration Rating Council.

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